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Drama Film

By Sohaya Visions and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers

An experimental show - combines tragedy with comedy, ancient with contemporary stories about dilemmas of the body, mind & cancer experiences.

Free Online Screenings:

7.00-8.00pm Sept 1st-26th 2021

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Film Makers: Tarun Jasani and Sol Carroll.

'A powerful and sensitive play that takes you inside their experiences and yet leave you with an uplifting smile' (Theatre review, World Visuals and Beyond...)


Rez Kabir - Arjun

Joey Parsad - Meena & Rita

Anisa Butt - Nurse

Debbie White - Ruby

Nadia Wahhab - Mother

Jas Steven Singh - Sunil

Shivani Sethia - Miss Uddin & Disco Diva Rita

Subhaluxmi Mukherji - Tina & Dancer

Delwar Hossain Dilu - Muse

Sadia Afroz Chowdhury - Vocalist & Dancer


Raminder Kaur - Writer
Mukul Ahmed - Director
Paul Micah - Lighting Designer
Christianna Mason - Designer
Tarun Jasani - Musical Director &Filmmaker
Sol Carroll - Filmmaker & Editor (2021)

Poppy Bennet & Raminder Kaur - Videography
David Dawes - Photography (2018)
Isobel Norris - Stage Manager
Lisa Goldman - Script Consultant
Poppy Bennett & Rebecca Dorkins - Publicity
SNOW - Graphic Design

'I think you did a difficult job in a very very fascinating way. There were bits that we could all connect with like the bit when they are in the room talking. There are some marvellous comedic moments in there. I’ve heard some of that stuff, but never done quite so well.'

Nicholas Owen, BBC journalist, presenter, and President of Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre

Audience Feedback

'A magnificent production & a brilliant script'                            

It's interesting, moving, eye-opening, and all done with such warmth and sensitivity.'


'Compelling subject - presented in a mesmerizing meld of theatre and film.'

'This is an amazing piece, really powerful'   

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