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Sohaya Visions and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers


a multi-award-winning play by Angela J. Davis, directed by Mukul Ahmed

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After a fabulous R&D presentation of this play, we have performed a brand new, full production in Spring 2024 of the life of an overlooked woman in world history, 

Agathe Uwilingiyimana.

She was a Chemistry professor, an advocate for women and girls’ education, and head of state for less than a day in the opening stages of the genocide against Tutsi people in Rwanda.

A beacon for our times, her silenced story and brave spirit are brought to life in this unique play, inspired by true but forgotten world history.

With Natasha Bain, Matthew Faucher, Rio Attoh-Wood, Maria Austin, and Jordon Kemp

⭐⭐⭐⭐Reviews Hub

'For a play about a very sombre and serious subject, Davis’s script contains many funny lines...Agathe is a tense and effective reminder of how order can slide into chaos and why we should stand against inhumanity, even as it overwhelms us.'

⭐⭐⭐⭐Breaking the Fourth Wall

'Do yourself a favour and catch this play before the end of the weekend. You’ll thank me later.' 

⭐⭐⭐⭐Morning Star

'Natasha Bain gives an outstanding performance as the former education minister who turns to UN peacekeepers when she learns that her name is on a kill list...a captivating insight into a forgotten leader.'

⭐⭐⭐⭐Red Bus Londinium Life

'A powerful piece of storytelling.'

⭐⭐⭐⭐My Borderline Life

‘The use of lighting was on point, even made me jump…informative…a good starting point to learn about Rwanda and what happened…emotive and underrated acting for what they were portraying.’

⭐⭐⭐Salterton Arts Reviews

'There can be few things more inspirational and more harrowing on the London stage right now...The story of Agathe Uwilingiyimana is important, and deserves to be shared and known....Bain turns in a solid central performance as the titular character...And the final character, Mbaye Diagne (Rio Attoh-Wood), was for me a standout...An inspirational figure deserving of his own theatrical legacy, and Attoh-Woods captures the charisma and understanding of human nature'. 

The Spectator

'A play about Rwanda that has lessons for us today...The play’s most disturbing figure is a radio shock-jock who prepares his listeners for genocide with poetic propaganda...These fascinating lyrics demonstrate how mass murder can be fomented.'

British Theatre Guide

'This clear, accessible story is performed by an impressive cast of five actors that never fails to hold the audience's attention...Agathe and Mbaye stand as important examples of how... people can oppose genocide and save people's lives.'

Lovers of Black Theatre

‘AGATHE is a gripping look into the last days of Agathe Uwilingiyimana…History plays about African leaders are very few and far between and it’s so important that a pioneer for women’s and children’s education like Agathe can get her story told.’ 

Audience Feedback

‘The play does an outstanding job of shining a light on the often-overlooked heroes of history.’

‘The whole story was new to me which is shocking. Now that I know more as this should be spoken about and part of the education system.’

‘I learnt so much about Rwanda - not just the genocide but the beautiful county and people who live there.’

‘It raised my awareness of the key issues…The whole experience opened my eyes.’

The way all the elements were interwoven so wonderfully. The music was particularly good. Great set also.’

‘I absolutely loved the balance between the serious trauma and the comedy.’

Playground Theatre

8 Latimer Road,

London W10 6RQ 

Wednesday 17 April 7.30 preview

Thursday 18 April 7.30 

Friday 19 April 7.30 

Saturday 20 April 2.30 matinee 

Saturday 20 April 7.30 

Sunday 21 April 4.00 matinee


Wednesday 24 April 7:30

Thursday 25 April 7.30 

Friday 26 April 7.30 

Saturday 27 April 2.30 matinee 

Saturday 27 April 7.30

Sunday 28 April 4.00 matinee

Thursday 2 May 7.30 

Friday 3 May 7.30 

Saturday 4 May 2.30 matinee 

Saturday 4 May 7.30 

Extra shows

Stanley Arts Croydon

12 South Norwood Hill

London SE25 6AB 

Tuesday 30 April 7.30

Wednesday 1 May 7.30

With members of the cast and Raminder Kaur as Chair, we are honoured to have a post-show discussion on 20 April after the 2.30 performance of AGATHE:


Vivenie Mugunga (one of the founders of rYico Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation);

Sir Geoffrey Nice KC (barrister and lead prosecutor of Slobodan Milošević, former President of Serbia, at the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia);

Catherine Roe (Uyghur Tribunal);

David Russell (UK Coordinator of Survivors Fund, SURF); and Professor Shahaduz Zaman (University of Sussex).

See more details


About the Script

AGATHE was a top-four finalist for the prestigious Jane Chambers Award and received several other honours including the Henley Rose Award, Landing Theatre New American Voices Award, SETC Getchell Award, and RAFTA Audience Selection. AGATHE was developed as an official selection for the Orlando Shakes [formerly “Orlando Shakespeare Festival”] Playfest, the Road Theatre Company Summer Playwrights Festival, and the Playhouse on the Square New Works Festival.
Read review of R&D presentation in 2023 at Pinter Studio.

About the Scriptwriter

Angela J. Davis is the author of THE SPANISH PRAYER BOOK (The Road Theatre Company 2019-20 season; L.A. Times Best Bet (“a literate meditation on the boundaries of art and social responsibility”), AGATHE (2022 Henley Rose Award - First Place Winner, 2020 New American Voices Award - The Landing Theatre, 2021 SETC Getchell Award for Outstanding Full-Length Play, 2021 Jane Chambers Award Top-4 Finalist and Honoree), CLARA AND SERRA and THE TALKING BEAR (commissioned in 2020 by Antaeus Theatre Company), and GRISWOLD (2022 recipient of the A is For Playwriting Prize and 2022 official selection for FutureFest, the National Women’s Playwrights Festival, and the American Dreaming New Works Festival), among other plays. The recipient of multiple playwriting honors, she’s also authored poetry and prose pieces appearing in THE ANTIOCH REVIEW, Art/Life, and a University of Iowa Press anthology and was one of sixteen writers selected as Literary Hosts for the 2018 PEN America LitFest. She has degrees from Stanford and UCLA; and is a member of Dramatists Guild, PEN America, and the Antaeus Theatre Company Playwrights Lab.

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