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Sohaya Visions &Mukul and Ghetto Tigers present


by Grant Foxon

The comedy of now…a biting political satire about a crazed Russian dictator leading his nation down a confrontation with NATO. Meanwhile, UK's Conservative government gets more oppressive and ludicrous leaders until they reach the zenith of out-of-touch insane Etonians who declare martial law.


So why not relax and laugh along to the end of the world?

Grant Foxon is a writer with autism. NUCLEAR SAFARI is his first R&D show for the stage.

directed by Mukul Ahmed

with Rez Kabir, Jordon Kemp, Celine Shamdasani, and Simeon Willis

photography by Hector Everard and Raminder Kaur

Pinter Studio

QMUL ArtsOne

London E1

5pm Friday 23 June 2023

Read NUCLEAR SAFARI script excerpts in edited book, FALLOUT REFRAMED

by Christopher Hill, Jonathon Hogg and Raminder Kaur 

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