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Silent Sisters-Brothers Unhinged


Told through poetry, song, music and movement, two linked plays based on real life British Asian memories of India/Pakistan partition.

Presented by Sohaya Visions
and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers


Actor Interviews

15th August 1947, 0.00 Midnight: two nations were born. Up to 15 million people crossed the newly created borders to what they hoped was safety. In the process, hundreds of thousands were abused, abducted and killed. Silent Sisters is back due to popular demand with an extended performance together with Brothers Unhinged, on memories of partition in Punjab and Bengal in 1947.

With extraordinary stories from ordinary people, Silent Sisters-Brothers Unhinged evoke their experiences, crafted out of fragments of texts, oral histories, and the force of imagination.​


Performances took place at Rich Mix London and Crawley Hawth in November 2017.

Superb script, excellent direction and stellar cast and crew who each give consummate confident performances...beautiful atmospheric singing and poetry.’ - Rez Kabir, Tamarind Theatre Company

Fan-bloody-tastic…I was blown away by it.’ - Jane Buckley, Crawley Campaign Against Racism

A wonderful piece of work, around a very sensitive area, beautifully presented.’ - Former Mayor Raj Sharma, Crawley

Translation in: 

By Raminder Kaur

Directed by Mukul Ahmed

Sohaya Vision aims to celebrate internationalism and cutting edge cultural diversity. They aspire to tackle injustice and discrimination through the arts in creative and socially and politically engaging ways, promote the arts especially through theatre, film, multi-sensory and digital media and support new writing for culturally diverse audiences of all generations.

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Supported by : Arts Council England, Tower Hamlets Council, Crawley Borough Council, A Season of Bangla Drama, Canary Wharf Group Plc, The University of Sussex Asia Centre, Brady Arts Centre, Rich Mix, Crawley Hawth Theatre and Crawley Museum.

Film by: Tarun Jasani, Artwork by: Arpana Caur, Photography by: Tarun Jasani and Raminder Kaur, Website by: Siân Aggett 

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