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India hosts the world's  largest youth population (aged 15-25) yet little is known about their social and imaginative worlds.  Too often cultural examples from the global south are seen through a western or Eurocentric lens. This film enables an appreciation of Indian comic books and youth cultures on their own terms in conversation with other cultural trends on an equal footing as part of connected yet culturally distinctive communities. It provides a fascinating, and perhaps somewhat disturbing, lens to consider fantastic outputs of an emerging Asian power.
The film draws upon anthropological and comic studies research that informs the book, Adventure Comics and Youth Cultures in India by Raminder Kaur and Saif Eqbal (Routledge, 2018)

RSA Fellowship Feature

Excerpts from the book and article

A film by Raminder Kaur and Tarun Jasani in collaboration with research participants in India, Saif Eqbal, Aadya Mishra, Arpan Acharya, Yash Patel, and Pranjal Choudhury

London premier at: 

The Steps, RSA on 7 November 2019

Pinter Studio, QMUL on 8 November 2019

Including post-screening panel discussion with Ashwani Sharma, Richard ReynoldsRosie ThomasTarun Jasani with virtual connection to Saif Eqbal and chaired by Rez Kabir. 

A part of ESRC Festival of  Social Science and A Season of Bangla Drama

The film and panel is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council Festival of Social Science; and supported by Raj Comics, Diamond Comics, University of Sussex Asia Centre, Sohaya Visions, Inward Arts, Mukul and Ghetto Tigers, Tamarind Theatre, A Season of Bangla Drama, Megan McMichael at University of Sussex, and Christopher Pinney at University College London. 

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