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Kama Sci-Fi

Written by Raminder Kaur Directed by Mukul Ahmed

We…are…de-vi-da-sis….of…yore. We’re…here…for…your…del-ec-ta-tion…and…more...

An Indian devadasi – an expert in the 64 arts of the Kama Sutra – inadvertently becomes a time-traveller. On her journeys, she meets the most unlikely people from England. There begins this comic caper with a nasty sting in the tale.

Kama Sci-Fi takes you on a ride with young lovers in ancient, present and future eras to develop a more holistic understanding of union.

'I was surprised as it unfolded and enjoyed the aspect of learning the sutras in regards to feminine empowerment.'

'This play is beautiful and bright and very interesting…if you listen carefully to the words, it's actually very funny, and very cleverly written. So it amuses you whilst educating you.'

'It was full of surprises and left me wanting more! Beautiful music, dance, staging and lighting.'

'The whole idea of trying to decolonise the Kama Sutra as text is a really fascinating one.'

‘Intriguing story.
Beautifully acted.’ 

'I like the writing and the dialogue was simply gorgeous and sparkled gainfully, floating between esoteric mysticism and frank talk on sex and sexuality.'

Photography by Shahadat Hossain and Rez Kabir
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