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Heart of Madness

A journey into the heart of a mystical Baul singer crosses over into a British Bangladeshi woman’s quest for fulfilment. 

Written by Raminder Kaur, Directed by Mukul Ahmed

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Lalon: Heart of Madness is a new drama celebrating the poetry, songs and message of a great Bengali Baul from the nineteenth century, Lalon Shah. Lalon stood for harmonious living against social orthodoxy and religious extremism - as relevant now as it was then. 

The performance cuts between pre-partition Bengal to contemporary Bangladesh where a woman, Luna, from Whitechapel, is visiting the Lalon Mela, a festival commemorating the legendary philosopher that is organized on the bank of river Kaliganga in Kushtia. 

What follows blows her mind…and her heart. 

Photographs by Tarun Jasani and Rez Kabir

Audience Feedback

‘I was immediately drawn in by the background sound track and atmospheric feel, then the dialogue, characters and music.'

‘It was beautiful and made me discover the figure of Lalon and its importance, Performance, music, lights, atmosphere was beautiful.’ 

'A brilliant piece and captures and communicates his poetics and philosophy so well at a time when it is so badly needed.'

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