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Remembering 1984

In July 2023, we arranged drama workshops to research and devise a script on remembering the storming of the Golden Temple (aka Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar, Panjab, in 1984, and its aftermath.  

The writer, Raminder Kaur, worked with director and dramaturge, Christine Bacon, from iceaandfire with artists and actors, Anisa Butt, Rez Kabir, Joey Parsad, and Ajayta Rai, to develop an array of ideas based on eye-witness accounts and testimonies. 

Here is a sneak preview of our work so far. The plan is to develop the insights for the stage as a R&D and full production next year along with other partners. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch 

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Workshop participants’ feedback 

‘We were able to search for answers, which is easier in a group. We were able to learn so much more and test out ideas and process.’  

‘It gave deeper shared insights to the subject and helped form the body of play and discussions.’ 

'I wanted to learn about what happened because it impacts the way I look, the colour of my skin, who I am, my family, my blood. It was almost like it was an extra layer of responsibility. I felt a duty to know.’

‘I really enjoyed the combination of discussion and participation along with devising and improvisation on our feet.’  

‘Firstly, being able to learn about this event in history, which I really had very little knowledge of. Also, it was such a good reminder of how we can access work, be it through physically demonstrating a specific thing/event/character or through the hot seating…'


'I liked how there were constant questions, an approach of curiosity as opposed to fixation on one particular thing, and therefore there wasn't a wrong/right way of doing things.’


For blogs on the Harmandir Sahib, see Pilgrimonics

Our thanks to the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex for funding the workshops; and to Vrishali, Suraya Bains, Prabhjit Singh, and Sohana Kaur for their support. 

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