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What would you do if militants stormed a café while you were enjoying time out with friends and family? Young Faraaz Hossain faced this terrifying scenario at the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh on July 1st in 2016. Out of nowhere, half a dozen young men ran riot, brandishing bombs, knives and assault rifles, and held everyone inside the café to ransom. The patrons suddenly became hostages, divided by religion, preached to and terrorised. Based on real-life stories from customers and staff alike.

Faraaz's strength in the face of extremism has now been memorialised in the play ,'Terror'. Written by Raminder Kaur. Directed by Mukul Ahmed and designed by Erica Greenshields, Terror aims to honour Faraaz’s memory, while using the voices of customers and staff to retell the horrific incident which stunned those in Bangladesh and beyond. 

Terror is staged by Sohaya Visions and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers at Pinter Studio in London in November 2019 kickstarting RAFTA (Rise Against Fanaticism Through the Arts)

Artwork: Mong Mong Sho

'Terror was not just an eye-opening performance but also a fully engaging experience.'


Interviews with Cast

Audience Feedback

'A fantastic play. Very emotional. I was trying to put myself and my daughter in the scene and thinking what would I do. For some of the parts I closed my eyes.'

'I appreciated the courage of all involved in telling such a hard-hitting story.'

'I saw Macbeth last night and this was equally intense and emotional.'

'It was so powerful in the script and the staging - and the sense that the audience is part of the Bakery - that we are all hostages...It would work very well on TV...'

'The use of lighting created a dramatic setting. The dialogue was intimate and thoughtful, challenging preconceived ideas around Islam.'

Terror is supported by Arts Council England National Lottery Grants for the Arts, A Season of Bangla Drama, Tower Hamlets Council, Crawley Borough Council, Wordfest, University of Sussex Asia Centre, Tamarind Theatre and Inward Arts.

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