Rise Against Fanaticism Through the Arts 

A £1000 Script Writing Competition from Sohaya Visions and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers. 

Sohaya Visions and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers have launched a new scriptwriting competition,  RAFTA (Rise Against Fanaticism Through the Arts).


RAFTA offers writers the chance to work with a professional dramaturg and production team to develop a piece of theatre or live performance using different creative mediums to promote tolerance and understanding. 


The script could address Islamism, white nationalism or other forms of extremism. 

The winner will be awarded £1,000 to develop the work with Sohaya Visions and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers to  performance state.


2 runner-up scripts will be selected for a reading with professional actors in London.


Deadline for script submissions is 31st January 2020.

Send submissions  to both Sohaya Visions sohayavisions@gmail.com and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers mukul_tiger@yahoo.com with a short covering letter about yourself.  

“I wanted to explore what it takes for someone to stand up against extremism. Today we are seeing the rise of extremism across the world including in Britain. It covers all shades – from Islamism to white nationalism.  It tries to dominate through fear and persecution of anyone who begs to differ. It has a pernicious presence that needs to be extinguished.”